Untitled Space Project (in-process)

all photos by Maria Baranova

Inspired by the “DIY Space Movement,” where ordinary civilians use household items to create a space program outside of big government funding and NASA engineering, three theatre artists will create a journey through space using nothing but the materials around them.  From the makers of Elephant Room and all wear bowlers, comes this love-letter to invention, exploration and the spirit of resourcefulness - dreaming big on a tiny budget.  

With the minimal amount of stuff, we portray the most massive of landscapes - the universe.  Inspired by the DIY astronaut movement, we are creating a DIY space simulation experience for the audience.  What does it mean to live on this planet today - when we have more technological capability in our iPhone than we did on Apollo, and when Cameron Smith and the Copenhagen Suborbitals decide that it’s not only realistic but worthwhile to travel into outer space on a weather balloon with a homemade space suit.

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Commissioned by Center Theater Group in Los Angeles; space residency from St. Ann's Warehouse in NYC; residency support by The Orchard Project

Production History: 

St. Ann's Warehouse (work-in-progress) - July 2016


Creator / Performers: Steve Cuiffo, Trey Lyford, Geoff Sobelle
Director: Paul Lazar
Set: Rainpan 43
Costumes: Rainpan 43
Lights: Rainpan 43
Sound: Rainpan 43