Theater artist Charlotte Ford creates avant-garde slapstick performance art that celebrates sublime stupidity with joyful abandon. In Chicken, Ford and her band of collaborators set their expressionistic clown play on a nuclear-powered submarine where “kitchen sink drama becomes gladiatorial bloodbath.”

Chicken depicts three residents of a submarine whose oppressive boredom, struggles for status, and growing hatred of each other inspire them to invent a game in which all players are forced to enact their worst fears. Ford joined Mikaal Sulaiman and Jay Dunn in performing the piece.

Production History: 
Philadelphia Live Arts Festival - 2010

Funny and startling…had people in the audience both helpless with laughter and totally unnerved.
— Philadelphia Inquirer


Created and performed by Charlotte Ford, Jay Dunn, and Mikaal Sulaiman

Directed by Geoff Sobelle
Lights by Thom Weaver
Sound by James Sugg
Set by Maiko Matsushim


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